Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Jan 12 will not be different

We have two solstices every year, June 21 and Dec. 21. We have, in the same way, two Vivekananda Platitude Flattering Days-- Jan. 12 and July 4. Jan. 12 is his birthday. July 4 is his death anniversary.

Every country has this type of solstices. United States may have the Birthday of George Washington, Death Anniversary of George Washington, Birthday of Abraham Lincoln, and Death Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln.

Jan. 12 is also celebrated as Indian Youth Day which was started in 1984 by the Government of India because somebody in the powers that be suddenly had developed a fad for Swami Vivekananda.

What, Indian youth have, actually in common with Vivekananda? Indian youth in its today's devotion to clubs, pubs, bikes and cars, liquor do not much to share with Vivekananda though Vivekananda spoke and taught to American Aristocratic top-rich women even when they were drunk and didn't mind to stay at casino-like places as guest. Somehow American and European males, particularly youth, did not find Vivekananda mesmerising. Only American women (European women went back except Nivedita) found initial enthusiasm in Swami's lifestyle.

This blog had 43 visitors yesterday, an unusually large number, probably because the occasion is his birthday. The visitors might have wanted some adulation of Vivekananda. They might have turned back with scorn, because they cannot find here anything of that sort. I apologise to for disappointing them.

I too get disappointments, because having come here, they do not normally checkup what this donkey has written in 200+ blog posts. They get 'averted and reverted' after reading the first post itself.

They are like Vaikuntha Ekadasi devotees. The Governors of Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, several Central Ministers, Central Bureaucrats, State Ministers, State Ministers, State Bureaucrats, Industrialists and business persons visited Tirupati to make their private appeals to the Lord in their public manner. They used their influence on the Executive Officer of the TTD and the Trust Board Chairman for their VIP passes and special darsans. Little did they remember that God is omnipresent and omniscient. Had they remembered it they would have prayed the God in their own homes.

Governors, Ministers, Bureaucrats and Industrialists are supposed to belong to the higher knowledge strata of the society. Yet they did not want to checkup whether Vishnu and Lakshmi came from Norway-Sweden-Old Prussia -Germany-Finland-Latvia-Lithuania to India.

I referred this lack of interest to a friend. He said that Indian Gods Vishnu and Lakshmi went to Prussia, Latvia and Lithuania. He believed that Aryans migrated to Iran and the North Europe. According to him, all civilisations, including the Aryan civilisation, were born in India and spread in all directions of the world. Well, my friend, at least has a concept to argue and elucidate. I appreciate him, though he argues with a different logic. Our Presidents, Prime Ministers, particularly Bureaucrats and Judges do not have any concepts or time to think about trifles like FACTS!. They have no time to checkup history. But they have time to use official aircrafts for repeated visits to pilgrimage centres of all religions and Godmen of all religions.

Same logic applies to adulators of Swami Vivekananda. They have no time to check up facts from Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda. They are like some bullocks and horses whose eyes are covered with cloth by their owners. They can run only on beaten tracks.

My apologies to my visitors for calling them blindfold. Wish you a happy Youth Day.

Do the Americans go deeply into the biographies and autobiographies of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Kennedy, Roosevelt and others of their adulatory targets? I think that many of them will not spend their time on such ONEROUS TASKS.

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