Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Replies to comments of Shri Prashant JalasUtram

Prashant Jalasutram said...

Karma means his knowledge would have carry forwarded to this life and hence he was able to preach us greatly what ever knowledge he has.

Materialist wealth is useless unless it is useful to feed us with food.

I would like you to start a new blog representing your views on what is life etc and i would like to know how many would support your views in this planet.


Sorry for this delayed reply of four years. I didn't notice your comment. Better late than never. Please bear with me.

About karma (in the meaning of accumulated actions of individuals being carried forward to next birth: This is called sanchita karma).
: What I repeatedly feel sorry with Vivekananda is that he did not apparently read or understand the Advaita philosophy in full. But he had the audacity to pass unreasonable comments on Adi ShankarAcharya and rAmAnujAchArya. Had he TRULY believed in sanchita karma (accumulated actions of the first birth), he would not have ventured to sacrifice a goat in Durga pUja worship, just to save himself from the diabetes and numerous other diseases he had owing to attachment to non-veg. dishes like turtles, shad fish, chicken; harmful tobacco; some booze (he told Prof. Deussen that his (Vivekananda's) oath/pledge was only against kAnchan (gold)) and kAmini (women) and not against liquor.

Had he understood the true meaning of sanchita karma, he would not have RUN around homoeopaths, magnetic healers and physicians in an alien land (U.S.A.), troubling his hosts all the time about his own health. He returned home only after satisfying himself that there was no hope of recovery in terms of monetary collections or recoup-ment of lost health.

How about discipline in other respects, for a sanyAsi? No need? So, his misery was not due to his karma of the past birth, it was due to the karma of the present birth.

your comment: Materialist wealth is useless unless it is useful to feed us with food.

ybreply: Pl. see my post about Veerchand Gandhi (representative of Jainism to Chicago Parliament of Religion) who brought a shipload of wheat for the hungry Indians. On the other hand, VivekAnanda gave empty speeches, and tried to make money in both of his visits. Ms. Henrietta Mueller, the donor of large amount for purchase of the Belur Math land, gave a Press Conference in Mumbai calling everything a hoax. This was because Vivekananda was planning to buy a bungalow in Mayawati, Almora and consulting Real Estate Agents of those days. He was ready to spend large amount on renting a bungalow to house Ms Mueller and other foreign guests. Even in the last days of his life, Vivekananda sent hundreds of dollars to Ms. Christina Greenstidel, ASKING HER TO SPEND EITHER FOR PASSAGE OR SPEND AS SHE LIKEs. Is this the way of feeding the poor? The work which was done by his co-disciples and Nivedita, Vivekananda showed as his own work to foreign donors and tried to collect more funds. He was sprinkling a little to Nivedita and the co-disciples. He even asked Brahmananda to adjust with tulaSi water to offer to Ramakrishna, while SV was staying in bungalows.

My dear praShAntji: Pl. remember that charity is not a substitute for Marxism. Even a small country like Vietnam had a law which prohibits citizens from owning more than one house. Businessmen, bureaucrats, politicians, and professionals own thousands of acres and hundreds of plots in India. They may throw away some bucks as charity to instituions like RK Math. The Govt. also provides them grants. Some orphanages, schools and colleges may be run, with Govt. aid and tax exemptions. Will that really solve the problem of poverty in India?

Can't they make and enforce a law of ONE PERSON ONE HOUSE? Is it so difficult?

Your comment: I would like you to start a new blog representing your views on what is life etc and i would like to know how many would support your views in this planet.

My reply: I write my blogs, knowing pretty well that few people read them. When I translated Bhartrihari's subhAshita triSati, I didn't hope that people will read. If I want hundred thousands of people to visit my blog, I should write some porn and put some videos.

The purpose of adsense was to recover my internet connection costs. Even that, is not being served.

Number can never be a criterion for success of failure. For me, the quality of my readers is important, even if they pass harsh comments. Not quantity.

Your surname suggests that you may belong to the same clan as Late Jalasutram rukmiNInAdha Sastry , the parody King. How many people remember him today? How many people today remember late pAda SubrahmaNya Sastry, the great writer of Telugu land?

If 150th birth anniversary celebrations are to be made and rallies taken, spending Rs. 1500 million of the Central Government, a person should have sufficient number of blind followers. Mamata Banerjee, Narendra Modi, have also allocated sizeable funds. BJP CMs and some allied politicians, believe that celebrating Vivekananda will get them Hindu votes. Mayawati, and others may not celebrate Vivekananda because that may not get them Christian and Muslim votes. If Sonia and Manmohan can garner sufficient number of votes (religion-caste immaterial), they will not touch Vivekananda even with a barge pole.

We have a proverb in Telugu. 'bellam cuTTU Igalu' (like the flies swarming a piece of jaggery). Where there are funds, organisers will assemble, spend them on tents and lunches, speeches, photos, videos and disperse. The RK Math people have, quite thoughtfully, approached the Prime Minister for the celebrations. Of course, there will be some poor feeding as a side-dish, some real work also as an appendix.

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