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What is there to be studied in United States, about Indian Culture or Vivekananda?

Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, the Finance Minister of India, addressed the gathering at, University of Chicago. Occasion: Celebration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.

Ministry of Culture, Government of India, signed a memorandum of Understanding with the UOC for creating a Swami Vivekananda Chair at the University. India has allocated $1.5 million (Rs. 75 million approx.), for the purpose. It is not clear, whether the Government of India has enticed the University, or the University has enticed the Government of India for funds.

We can only say that Government of India wanted some publicity from the University. This can be seen from the MOU:

... University of Chicago will give wide publicity to the establishment of the said “The Indian Ministry of Culture Vivekananda Chair” as part of commemoration of 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and such publicity will also be displayed prominently in the University. The University will display the title of the Chair in all appropriate materials, print and electronic media wherever such Chairs are promoted and publicized. ...

ybrao a donkey's Comments
Readers, please ready yourselves for the paid BHAJANS.

What is there to be studied about Indian Culture on the streets of Chicago? Indian Culture is to be studied on Indian Streets. They should study: how many bars we have per locality. How many husbands go home drunk. How many husbands beat wives if they do not give money to buy more liquor. How many politicians have occupied Government lands. How many politicians collect their cuts from contractors executing Government Projects.

When boared, the Vivekananda Chair Scholar can study whether Shad fish are still available on Indian shores? Whether Indian turtles have changed their color? Whether monks still beg American girls for photos? Whether monks still get their nerves heated up? Whether Hindu monks still like to have a "... "hot time in this old town" etc. Whether the Hindu monks still pray the American girls to come? Whether the Hindu monks still send documents to foreign girls, expressing a doubt on whether to sign as Ms. or Mrs.? Whether Hindu Monks still send hundreds of dollars to foreign girls asking them to come to India or spend as they like?

" ... I have had two classes already — they will go on for four or five months and after that to India I go. But it is to Amerique — there where the heart is. I love the Yankee land. I like to see new things. I do not care a fig to loaf about old ruins and mope a life out about old histories and keep sighing about the ancients. I have too much vigour in my blood for that. In America is the place, the people, the opportunity for everything. I have become horribly radical. I am just going to India to see what I can do in that awful mass of conservative jelly-fish, ... "

This quote is from Swami Vivekananda's letter to Ms. Alberta Sturges in May 1896.

Swamiji wrote to Ms. Ole Bull on the 17th Jan. 1900 during his second visit to USA:

"...No, not even that; whenever it comes to paying, the people are nowhere. The field of lecturing in this country has been overworked; the people have outgrown that...."

"...They come in crowds when there is a free lecture and very few when there is something to pay...

"...No money. Hard work. No result. Worse than Los Angeles.

They come in crowds when the lecture is free — when there is payment, they don't. That's all..."

On March 27, 1895 Vivekananda wrote to Ms. Isabelle Mckindley from New York.

"...This is a wonderful country for cheating, and 99.9 per cent have some motive in the background to take advantage of others. If any one just but closes his eyes for a moment, he is gone!! ..."

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