Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This is the tiger and that is its tail

We have a proverb in my mother tongue in Telugu:

1. idigO puli, adigO tOka. Approx. meaning: This is the tiger and that is the tail. This proverb seems to have a forest origin and may be around 2000 years old. Tigers attack villages bordering forests. Next day, aggrieved villagers may go on an exploration to trace the tiger and kill it/frighten it away. When persons are eager/anxious about something, they get illusions. If one person, under a temporary illusion says 'here is the tiger', others get equally deluded and say 'there, you can see the tail.'

ybrem 1
Who is yelling here now: 'Here is the tiger' ?
The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Ms. Mamata Banerjee is yelling. Occasion: visit of Ms. Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State for United States in Obama Administration. The purpose of her visit was to persuade India not to buy Irani crude. Mamta Banerjee is asking Hillary Clinton to arrange for to declare the Birthday of Swami Vivekananda as the World Youth Day, as if Hillary Clinton is the boss of the whole world.

(It is already observed as a Youth Day in India.). Mamta wants it to be global. Hillary might have promised. She will promise anything as long as India surrenders to her demand of not buying Iranian Crude.

Neither Mamta nor Hillary Clinton might have studied the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda. They do not know how detrimental and fatal will be for Indian youth to follow Swami VivEkananda as a role-model.-- Eat ham burgers and beef steaks like a true monk. Smoke premier cigars. Have alcohol. Ask girls to send photos and invite them for sharing shad fish. Be shy of working for livelihood. If you are tired of everything, just sweat yourself on a couch or sit in meditation. Or sacrifice goats to Goddess Durga. Or think of presenting some amber or gem to your precious founds. Always live on somebody else's money and never maintain an official family.

Hillary on her part praised Rabindranath Tagore. Mamtaji presented Tagore's gItAnjali. But, she didn't forget to beg for American Investments into West Bengal.

Most of the World Stock Exchanges are gambling dens. The principal two Indian Stock Exchanges BSE and NSE do not lag behind. At least 40% of Foreign Portfolio Investments into India are through Mauritius and they are nothing but laundered Indian monies sent out of India through a circular route.

Foreign Direct Investments mostly center around retail marketing chains, real estates and car-making. The demand will be for cheap land. Will Mamata Banerjee procure land from poor farmers and feed the hungry MNCs? Unlike Gujarat which has Kutch desert, West Bengal is a land-starved State. This is the reason for the revolt of the NandigrAm farmers whose lands were acquired by the previous CPM Government for gifting Tata Motors. At that time, it was convenient for Mamta to blast the CPM.

Mamata will now acquire lands of poor farmers and gift to Corporates. CPM will start blasting Mamta.

ybrem 2
We have another proverb in my mother tongue Telugu.

'dunnapOtu Inindi.' ani okaDu anTE 'gATiki kaTTEyanDi' ani inkODu annADu. English: One person said: 'Male buffalo gave birth to a calf.'. Another person advised him: 'Tie it to a pole.'

The second person fails to apply reason: "Can a male buffalo deliver a calf?".

So Mamta asks. Hillary promises. The blind king ManmoHan okays. The Queen Mother 'Sonia Gandhi' claps.

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