Thursday, June 28, 2012

US Dollars 3.24 million going into the drain

University of South California
USC School of Religion

Times of India (June 26, 2012) reported that one "Dharma Civilisation Foundation" a forum of Asian Indians in United States is funding US$ 3.24 million for starting a "Swami Vivekananda visiting professorship" at the above school.

A quote from the Times of India Report:--

"We are very proud to house the first chair of Hindu studies in the United States endowed by the Indian-American community," the USC President C L Max Nikias said in a statement.

Another quote:

Last year Nikias led a delegation of university faculty, administrators and trustees, including USC Dean of Religious Life Varun Soni, to India, where they met with key Indian partners in higher education, business and government, and with USC alumni, to build sustainable alliances in the areas of medicine and health care, neurosciences, the arts, communication and journalism, business, technology and engineering.

"This historic gift to the USC School of Religion highlights the department's commitment to study the enduring questions of human life and values from a global perspective," said Duncan Williams, chair of the School of Religion.

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A sizable number of Poor Hindus in India, convert into Christianity, lured by fraudulent promises of missionaries, in the guise of "service". The Dharma Civiliation Foundation should have used its funds for helping the poor Hindus who have become the objects of conversion, just for the sake of survival, to the misdeeds of the merchants of spirit. Instead, the Foundation is pampering the arrogant and rich American Universities making them to pretend to do something in which they will not really be interested to do if there are no sponsors.

Now, here is an American University, begging Indians for funds and starting "chairs and visiting professor-ships". The University may be struggling for where-with-all of survival.

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Enough material is already available on the Net, about Hinduism and vivEkAnanda. What is there, to research now! And that research can never be truthful and unbiased, as sponsors will get hurt, if inconvenient truths emerge out of researches.

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