Sunday, July 8, 2012

#229 - Oh Angels and Gods- Come down and eat shad fish and turtles

Here is a quote from the 'gnAna yOga' of sWAmi vivEkAnanda. Source: his Complete Works.

Man, therefore, according to the Vedanta philosophy, is the greatest being that is in the universe, and this world of work the best place in it, because only herein is the greatest and the best chance for him to become perfect. Angels or gods, whatever you may call them, have all to become men, if they want to become perfect. This is the great centre, the wonderful poise, and the wonderful opportunity — this human life.

Great persons should always make lofty writings, if they have to impress themselves on innocent persons. For others, the lofty books will become show-pieces in glass cup-boards.

*It is a belief of humans that they are the greatest beings in the Universe. Another belief is that they are born to do great things. This belief is not new, something first propounded by Swami VivEkAnanda. It has been there since several centuries. Yet, what is done by the so called Great Preachers have done pales down before the work of a buffalo or a bullock or a mango tree.

--A buffalo just gets few bunches of grass from the humans. Throughout the day it is tied down to a post with chains. Yet, it gives sweet milk (or man takes away from its calf).

--A bullock just gets a few bunches of hay from its master. Throughout the day it pulls cartloads or plough the fields, to be tied down again at the end of the day.

--A mango tree gets a few litres of water a day and some manure occasionally. It gives hundreds of sweet fruits which hundreds of people can eat.

In what way a man is greater than them?

Even seemingly useless marine or riverine beings like shad-fish and turtles help humans to save themselves from starvation, but also satisfy their fanciful cravings! Humans cannot satisfy themselves with one or two cuds, but they want stomachfuls, so that if they put their fingers in their throats, the fragments of the creatures touch their nails mockingly.

Swami Vivekananda wants the angels and Gods to come down. What the angels and Gods will do when they come down?

*Eat shad fish and turtles?
--(Swamiji loved eating shad fish to his stomach's full and inviting foreign women to come to India for sharing them.).
-- (Swamiji loved comparing the Indian turtles and the American turtles, their appearance, taste etc.)

*Ask foreign women to send their photos?
*Ask foreign women to come back to India and have a 'HOT TIME IN THIS OLD TOWN'

*Beg foreign women to mobilise few bucks to make a fund for his lifelong personal maintenance in India?

*Beg Indian rulers like rAja of khEtri to send Rs. 100/- per month for personal maintenance?

*Go abroad in search of magnetic healers, when the natives die like fleas, when India was hit by plague?

*Shocked by this hypocrisy, Ms. Henrietta Mueller, an important donor for the purchase of his bElUrmaTh site called everything fake and drifted towards Annie Besant's Theosophy, saying:

"she is face to face with the unavoidable conclusion that it is utterly rotten and corrupt from beginning to end and full of danger to the unhappy people who place their faith in it."

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