Monday, July 2, 2012

Brainwashing children in Gujarat

Government of Gujarat distributed note books to school children on the occasion of school enrolment drive launched in vaDodAra City on 28th June 2012.

The notebooks contained side-by-side the photos of swAmi vivEkAnanda and narEndra mODi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

It is a common and standard practice among the Central Government and the 28 State Governments and their public enterprises to depict the photos of the Chief Minister / Prime Minister / President / other Ministers on everything. We need not, therefore, find fault with narEndra mODi trying to publicise himself or his Government's achievements.

But why his photo should appear, beside the photo of sWami viVEkAnanda.

A careful study of the Complete Works of Vivekananda indicates that he made a facade of loving India and hinduism, whereas he in reality called India a rotten corpse and jelly fish. In his eyes Indians were rogues. Of course, these things will not be revealed to the children of India. The children get brainwashed just with photos, to show that something great was happening to hinduism under the leadership of MODi and in the name of swAmi viVEkananda.

So far, United States has not, for reasons known to itself did not grant a visa to Modi. They should have granted him a visa and started facilitating and felicitating him profusely, so that he would have started calling India a jelly fish and rotten corpse and yankee land as heaven on earth. After all, he is going to be the future Prime Minister of India, considering the velocity, acceleration and momentum of fanatism growing in this country. We can also see how the Chrstian terrorism and the Hindu terrorism cohabit.

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