Sunday, July 8, 2012

More dependable website of the proceedings of the World Parliament of Religions - Chicago - 1893

I have spent last three years searching for authentic websites which contained the authentic proceedings of the World Congress of Religions (Or Parliament of Religions), Chicago, 1893.

This has become necessary because the Indian websites on Swami VivEkAnanda trumpeted his speeches at the Parliament as something unequal, unique and unparalleled in Indian History and the History of the World, and the History of the World Religions.

On the other hand, the North American sites presented everything from the Christian side. They ignored Swami Vivekananda. But we cannot estimate the degree to which they ignored his work at the Parliament. (Of course, the object of the Parliament was to inject Christianity into the heads of the representatives of the pagan religions.)

At last, I found one reasonably dependable and informative website on the proceedings of the World Congress of Religions. It is, as per the URL, a website of the Neobuddhism.

The web-page is quite comprehensive. Of course, it has active links only to speeches and writings of the Buddhist representative dharmapAla. Yet, by and large, it helps our task of estimating the real contribution of Swami Vivekanada, at the Parliament of Religions.

My next four or five postings will be on this topic. I shall, as per my promise, try to be unbiased.

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