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#241 What is common between Mr. salmAn khAn and swAmi vivEkAnanda?

What is common between swAmi vivEkAnanda and salmAn khan? Ans: Both have strong bodies and handsome appearances, which can capture the attention of women. vivEkAnanda thought he suffered from neuresthania, acquired in United States. Mr. Salman Khan is said to be having some neurological problems. I am not sure where and when Mr. Khan acquired his neuro problems.
Year: 2012. salmAnkhAn: A leading Bollywood star. Sports a six-pack bod. Mr. salmAn khAn is said to be receiving acupuncture treatment for his neurological problems. He was said to have been spotted with 'needles on his face', while shooting at satAra for the film 'dabAngg 2'. Mr. khAn's brothers Mr. Arbaaz and Sohail khAn were said to have persuaded a reluctant Khan to give it a try. Mr. khAn is said to be happy with his health.
Year 1899. swAmi vivEkAnanda sent a telegram to swAmi brahmAnanda, presumably from California, on 13th Dec. 1899:

swAmi vivEkAnanda wrote to Ms. Ole Bull from Los Angeles on 22nd Dec. 1899. Quote:
As for me, I had a slight relapse of late, for which the healer has rubbed several inches of my skin off.
swAmi vivEkAnanda wrote to Ms. Margaret Noble (Sister nivEdita) from Los Angeles on 23rd December 1899. Quote:
Yes, I am really getting well under the manipulations of magnetic healing! At any rate I am all right. There was, never anything serious with my organs — it was nerves and dyspepsia. Now I walk miles every day, at any time — before or after meals. I am perfectly well — and am going to remain so, I am sure.

Swamiji wrote to Ms. Ole Bull, presumably from California, on 17th January 1900:--
...I am decidedly better in health. The healer thinks I am now at liberty to go anywhere I choose, the process will go on, and I shall completely recover in a few months. She insists on this, that I am cured already; only nature will have to work out the rest. Well, I came here principally for health. I have got it; in addition I got Rs. 2,000, to defray the law expenses. Good. Now it occurs to me that my mission from the platform is finished, and I need not break my health again by that sort of work. ...

But the same swAmIji wrote to Ms. Ole Bull from San Francisco on 7th March 1900 (after four months of magnetic healing):
I have some hopes yet in England. It is necessary for me to reach England in May. There is not the least use in breaking my health in San Francisco for nothing. Moreover, with all Joe's enthusiasm, I have not yet found any real benefit from the magnetic healer, except a few red patches on my chest from scratching!

swAmiji wrote to his brother disciple swAmi brahmAnanda (rAkhAl) from San Francisco on 12th March 1900:--
This disease is called neurasthenia, a disease of the nerves. Once it comes, it continues for some years. But after a complete rest for three or four years it is cured. This country is the home of the disease, and here it has caught me. However, it is not only no fatal disease, but it makes a man live long.

swAmIji wrote to Ms. Legget from San Francisco on 17th March 1900 (after four months trying with magntc healing):--
...Dr. and Mrs. Hiller returned to the city, much benefited, as they declare, by Mrs. Melton's rubbings. As for me, I have got several huge red patches on my chest. What materialises later on as to complete recovery, I will let you know. Of course, my case is such that it will take time to come round by itself....

ybrems -primary We see from SV's letter to rAkhal, that the sWamiji believed that his neurasthania would be cured after a complete rest of three or four years. swAmiji died on July 4, 1902, nearly 2.5 years after the magnetic treatment, followed by complete rest on couches.

ybrems -secondary Will Mr. salmAn khAn also try the complete rest technique?

disclaimer: No ill-will intended against swAmi vivEkAnanda or against Mr. salmAn khAn. They are only humans. Media presents stars with bloated personalities. Hatred of other religions, false national pride, need to advertise and publicise institutions for mobilising donations, make Gods out of monks.
If at all, there should be any illwill, it should be against our treatment methods, both traditional and modern, Indian and foreign. Sufferers run from pillar to post on the entire Earth, trying every method available on the Earth, and spending wads of currency. But, they may get some temporary respite and a dream-like (I cannot call it hallucinational) feel of well-being. Our diagnostic methods, therapeutic treatments, surgical procedures, have made great progresses, with investments in equipments and industries of millions/billions of dollars.
The doctors and hospitals earn more and invest more and more. Patients are made to spend more and more. This balloon will never burst, unlike rubber balloons. I do not even blame the doctors and the hospitals. We live in the 21st Century. We live amidst capitalism.
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