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I felt that I have already overzealously overcovered the subject of swAmi viVEkAnanda, and I thought that if I write further, I shall be gradually pushing myself towards unintended slandering. I wish/wished to DRASTICALLY SLOW DOWN making further posts on this blog and concentrate on making corrections of the posts already made, particularly those which are unreasonable to swAmi vivEkAnanda.

But, alas, the BJP stalwarts narEndra mODi (Chief Minister, gujarAt) and today, Mr. nitin gaDkAri (President of the BJP Party) have again by their utterances triggered me to write further.

context: Mr. gaDkAri, in a public meeting equating the IQs of the international (criminal?) don Mr. dawood ibrahIm and swAmi vivEkAnanda.

There is an immediate reaction from the Congress, demanding apology from BJP. I, as a firm believer of the principles of Marxism and Communism (not the current Russian or the Chinese brand), regard both of them as bourgeois parties and communal parties. Hence, in this particular blog post, I am not going to take any political sides. Allegations of corruption against Mr. gaDkAri or Robert vAdra or salmAn khurshId are not subjects covered in this particular blog post. They are not connected with vivEkAnanda, and hence I am not dealing with them here. I shall try to write a separate post about them in my blog.

I (this blogger) am neither a great admirer nor a bitter critic of swAmi vivEkAnanda. Whatever I have written at this blog, is only a fact finding exercise and my criticism is intended against those who wanted to show vivEkAnanda as an uplifter of this Nation or deify him by attributing him superhuman qualities. Mr. gaDkAri has provided some explanation for his view. I quote it from Hindusthan Times.

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Quotes from gaDkAri's explanations: "I have only said if someone utilises his brain in a good way, he is Vivekanand and if he does not, he is evil. There is no comparison and whatever I have said was presented in a wrong way, which is not right," he told reporters in Delhi.
"In psychology, we measure IQ level of people...But it depends from person to person, in which area they use their intelligence," he said. "As per psychology if we can compare the IQ level of Swami Vivekanand and that of Dawood Ibrahim, then it could have been the same. But Vivekanand used it in nation building, brotherhood and spiritualism while Dawood used that in excelling in crime world," Gadkari said.

Analysis of this blogger, ybrao a donkey First, we have to take up the definition of the word "IQ":--
DEFINITION OF I.Q. as per ARTHA WORDNET of Princeton University: a measure of a person's intelligence as indicated by an intelligence test; the ratio of a person's mental age to their chronological age (multiplied by 100)

The also supports this definition.

There may be variations of the definition.

The term IQ is very abstract, and for different people, it may mean different things.

Intelligence Tests as well as their results can vary depending on who conducts them, what aspects of intelligence they include in the test, and the weights they give for each aspect . In other words, the tests lack the mathematical exactitude required for 'scientific experiments'.

But, something is better than nothing. Just as a person caught up in the waves of a whirlpool of sea, tries to cling on even to a small wooden plank, we have to depend on IQ as an approximate indicative measure of the intelligence of a person.

IMPORTANT: Apparent IQ and real IQ may vary owing to the variations in environments in which people live, work. For example, a beggar may have more IQ than Mr. Obama or Ms. Sonia Gandhi. A beggar, in spite of his good IQ, may not try to capture a key post either because he has no desire, or he lacks resources in spite of desires.

A destitute hungry child when subjected to intelligence tests, may not perform well, while a pre--prepared pre-worked child of affluent parents may show outstanding IQ grade. We have more of these instances as a general phenomenon, occasionally see some rare exceptions. Otherwise, why so much preparation is made for Olympics and Wimbledon? Pre-trainings have their effects on performances and results. We cannot compare the IQ of a dhAravi child with the IQ of a korAput child. Nor can we compare the IQ of a dhAravi child with the IQ of a bhAnDup child. I do not wish to say that a rich child will have great IQ simply because he is rich. I wish to emphasize that the korAput and dhArAvi children are like unpolished diamonds, whereas the bhAnDup and vasant vihAr children are like overpolished colored stones. Just as genuine gemmologists alone can distinguish between a true diamond and fake diamond, only IQ experts can really identify truly HIGH IQ children.

vivEkAnanda was said to have astonished a librarian by instantaneously and photographically studying a book and returning it to him immediately and by answering all the questions posed by the librarian correctly. But, I personally feel that this seems to be a hagiographic exaggeration. Of course, vivEkAnanda might have had a high IQ, but definitely not SUPER HUMAN IQ.

We must distinguish between IQ and MEMORY RETENTION. Some great persons may have both great IQs and great MEMORIES. Coupled with great hard work and favourable environment and circumstances, they may be greatly successful. But these will become exceptions.

I, often get a doubt, at 0 hours midnight. Do manmOhan Singh or Ms. sOnia gAndhi remember the names of all the Congress MPs -- both of the Lower House and the Upper House? Or at least, do they remember the names of all the 82 Ministers in their Cabinet? Can rAhul gAndhi, the Heir Apparent of sOnia gAndhi, distinguish between income and real income? Does Mr. rAhul gAndhi know at least know the meanings of the words 'rAhul' and 'gAndhi'? IQ thus, NOT ONLY include the prime trait of REAL INTELLIGENCE (presumably analytical power of reasoning applying principles like analogies, relationships), but also learnt knowledge (information database) and memory recall. This refers to the hard-disk of a person's mental computer. But, he may also need a large RAM and a super-fast processor to analyse data and evolve solutions. This imperative because, GREAT POWERFUL PERSONS HAVE TO TAKE GREAT COMPLEX DECISIONS, whereas we ordinary hoi polloi have to make only ordinary decisions. A Nation of 1.2 billion will be affected by their whimsical and fanciful decisions, though paraded as TOUGH STEPS.

Then again, a person's successes, failures, contributions, gifts, crimes, etc. done to himself and the society may depend on his own attitude and the attitudes of his community, and his countrymen. For example, mahAtma gAndhi might have had a less IQ than many other ICS Officers (Civil and Administrative Services), but his contribution to the Nation, is definitely greater than some of the Government Officers of Higher IQ of those days. Vice versa.

Two other similar situations in human lives
In my boyhood, I took some interest in learning palmistry and astrology. In one or two books, I came across a remark: If we compare the palm impressions of Abraham Lincoln and a criminal, a criminal may sometimes have better lines and mounts on his palm. Yet he ended up as a prisoner, where as Lincoln became a savior of United States.

we can find similar positions in astrology. Let us take two babies of same sex born exactly at the same time and date (including seconds), at the same hospital. One baby when grown up may become a doctor who saves lives. Another may become a habitual murderer. Why?

In spite of so much pretentious noise made about date and time of birth, etc. by astrologers, we find that, what we get are approximations and guesses.

How people make use of their IQs This comparison will also be futile, because in Capitalist set up, people are driven by a motive to make money, sometimes in spite of their severe dislike to think of money 24/7/365/100 years. Whether a criminal minded person or a virtuous person, they cannot starve. It is like this: A hungry child standing before a restaurant may be justified in stealing a pan cake from its kitchen. But, how can we justify the Presidents and the Prime Ministers of countries, stashing millions of dollars in some Caveman Islands or makAlu?

After getting food, clothing, shelter, and old age security, a person may have to strive for making better use of his IQ. But, by that time, we may become prisoners of the system in which we operate, and every step of ours may become a 'FORCED STEP', just as it happens in chess game, till 'mate'.

We can find PLENTY of this type of FORCED STEPS in the lives of all -- dawood ibrahim, swAmi vivEkAnanda, Mr. gaDkari, Ms. sOnia gAndhi, Mr. manmOhan singh et al. Thus, we get many combinations, whether voluntary actions or forced actions:-- 1. good goals, good actions, good results; 2. good goals, mediocre/bad actions, yet good results; 3. good goals, mediocre/bad actions, average/bad results; 4. bad goals, good actions, good results; 5. bad goals, mediocre/bad actions, mediocre/bad results; so on so forth. These are only some examples.

CONCLUSIONS Some of the comments of the readers, I found at the above Hindusthan Times link, seem to be influenced by their unreasonable love/hatred towards persons and things. Unreasonable love/hate has become a part of psyche of citizens of many Nations. Citizens may have to clean not only their bodies and garments, but also their minds and beliefs, from time to time. However, no hard and fast preachings and rules can be made. (subject to further revisions and corrections.)

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