Monday, August 12, 2013

#261 High Court Judges too

High Court and Supreme Court Judges in India are believed to be great intellectuals.

They also carry a heavy burden of pending cases.

They shoulder the burden of correcting State excesses, omissions and commissions.

Difference between great intellectuals and ordinary lay-persons like us: Great intellectuals, are expected to explore facts and truths, and guide the society, bulk of which consists of lay persons who do not have aptitude, resources, skills, time to dig deep into mounds of events happening around them. Lay persons will be justified in believing that all things which appear white are milk and things which appear black are water. We cannot extend this exception to great intellectuals.

Special burden of courts, lawyers and judges. The principal goal and occupation of courts, according to established principles of jurisprudence, is searching for facts and truth. While Judges lead the court, advocates assist them. According to judicial philosophies , principal duty of lawyers is to assist their leaders (judges) in tracing and affirming the facts and truth. The lawyers have no slavish obligations to their clients, because clients pay fee. Though clients pay fee to lawyers, lawyers are not employees of the clients. Most clients believe that lawyers must protect them, even at the cost of justice.

When this is the level of commitment to facts and truth expected from lawyers and judges, it is strange that three Senior Judges of A.P. High Court have advised listeners about Swami vivEkAnanda's influence on Indian Constitution. My readers may please see this link:

I get an impression that the three judges of A.P. High Court, who spoke on the occasion , have not read the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, aiming at exploration of facts and truths. They seem to have gone by hagiographies and eulogies, which have not been sufficiently researched. I ardently hope, that this impression will be proved to be wrong.

The tendency among speakers worldwide, is to tell the audience, what the organisers want. How can a Warangal convention be an exception?

This particular blog post may need revision/withdrawal, if readers object to it saying that their feelings are hurt, or if some other concrete evidence/information becomes available.

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