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272 Mr. Shashi Tharoor and Swami Vivekananda शशी थारूर और स्वामी विवेकानंद

Here is a link of Indian Express, Tiruvanantapuram Edition dated 14th September 2013, which contains a demand by a Senior BJP leader, asking for apology of Shashi Tharoor, for calling Swami Vivekananda.

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A brief quote from IExpress:
“Shashi Tharoor has hurt the sentiments of the country. It was former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who declared Swami Vivekananda as a role model for the youth. Following this, Swamiji’s birthday, January 12, is being celebrated as the National Youth day. Now Tharoor has depicted him as an alcoholic. He should realise his fault and tender a sincere apology to the youth of the country,” Rajagopal said.

Comments by readers on that page show that they were also hurt.

I myself find it excruciating to continue writing this blog. Yet, there is no alternative for me, because if I leave it in the middle, at this crucial junction of 2014 elections, where at least one party is canvassing for votes with Vivekananda and Sardar Patel on their platform, and Rs. 2,500 crore planned for erecting a statue of Sardar Patel (this is not a blog about Sardar Patel), I shall be doing injustice to my duty to this Nation.

Prospective PM claimed that toilets are more important than temples. With the same analogy, we can say that toilets are more important than statues. Assuming that a rural toilet costs Rs.10,000 we can build 25,00,000 toilets with Rs. 2,500 crore.

Calculation: 10 toilets per lakh. 1000 toilets per crore. 2500 x 1000 toilets = 25,00,000 toilets.

At the rate of Rs. 20,000 per toilet, we can get 12.5 lakh toilets with Rs. 2,500 crore.

We can recall that MAyAvati too spent large amounts on erecting statues and memorials.

If Gujarat erects statue for Patel with Rs. 2,500 crore, Mamtaji will erect another statue for Netaji Bose with Rs. 5,000 crore. Then Congress will erect a new statue for Rajiv Gandhi with Rs.10,000 crore.

There will be no end for this craze.
Back to Vivekananda's relish for alcohol

Ms. Marie Louie Burke wrote his biography. It mentions an interview between Swami Vivekananda and Prof. Deussen, a reputed German scholar of Sanskrit. The interview took place during Swamiji's visit to Alps-Switzerland 1896. This conversation quoted by Ms. Burke, other disciple biographers of Swami Vivekananda ignored, probably because they were more devoted to their Gurus than Ms. Burke, or some other reason. Basically, biographies by disciples rarely criticise Gurus. I have reproduced the interview in my post No. 201 at this blog. Link to it: I shall quote the interview again here.
Prof. Deussen
"...“You seem to be a queer sort of saint....You eat well, you drink well, you smoke all day, and you deprive yourself of nothing.”

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA : “I observe my vows.”

PROF. DEUSSEN : “And what consists of your vows?”

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA : “They require me simply Kama Kanchana Viraha, to renounce sex and gold” (Burke IV: 283-288)."

ybrao a donkey's additional comments
Mr. Shashi Tharoor seems to have lost some of his credibility after IPL Cochi Cricket Team Fiasco, and his comments about "business class" and "cattle class". Now, even if he speaks truth with evidence, unfortunately, people may not believe him.

An issue arose about Vivekananda's ways during his stay at Michigan Governor's residence (Mrs. Bentley). Swamiji could not satisfactorily explain himself to Prof. Harrier. Thereafter, their correspondence seems to have closed. Swamiji blamed P.C. Mozoomdar (who seems to have helped Swamiji to get a speaking opportunity at Congress of Religions) quoting jealousy.

We must also take into consideration that Ms. Henrietta Muller, the principal donor to Belur Math site, had called the whole thing a fraud and shifted to Theosophy of Anne Besant.

The correspondence between Mr. Sturdy (renowned Sanskrit scholar of London who partnered with Vivekananda for publishing his books, raises some issues about Vivekananda's habits. Vivekananda blamed karma.

Vivekananda's second visit to US was a failure, because many aristocratic women who became Swamiji's disciples during his first visit, shied away from him.

Vivekanada made hectic efforts to mobilise subscription of USD 100 per head from American women did not succeed. Vivekananda blamed karma.

I must also be glad that nobody reads my blogs.

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