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274 Male bondages

274 Comparison of Swami Vivekananda- Christina Greenstidel -- and -- Shashi Tharoor- Sunanda Pushkar, Mehar Tarar
Topics for discussion: Relationships, human behavior


Suicide or suspicious death of Mrs. Sunanda Pushkar (w/o Mr. Shashi Tharoor), consequent to the wash of dirty linen on the Twitter.Com. Relationships of French President Mr. Francoise Hollande, first divorced wife Ms. Segolene Royal, present French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler, and a French beauty+actor Ms. Julie Gayet. Alleged involvement of two Retired Supreme Court Judges with lawyer interns while carrying out legal work. Alleged sexual misbehavior of Tehelka channel head Mr. Tarun Tejpal with a journalist in his organisatin.

Why should we compare the epistles exchanged between Swami Vivekananda and Ms. Christina Greenstidel, with the above 21st Century controversides?

Media published the journeys of French President visiting on scooter the dwelling of a French Actress. The French President Mr. Hollande wanted his privacy to be protected. The concerned actress sued the Media. Of course, the law will take its own course.

There were some Twitter exchanges between Ms. Sunanda Pushkar w/o Ms.Tharoor and Ms. Mehar Tarar, a Pak journalist. Mrs. & Mr. Tharoor issued a joint statement on 16.1.2014 that they wished to live happily. Ms. Sunanda Pushkar (Mrs. Tharoor), unfortunately underwent a suspicious death. Of course, the law will take its own course.

The cases of alleged sexual misbehavior of two Retired Supreme Court Judges with law interns, are also undergoing their legal due course.

The case of alleged misbehavior of Mr. Tarun Tejpal with his own subordinate is also undergoing its legal due course.

Let us hope that all these cases reach their natural logical conclusions and destinies.

Our concerns

We can see what bhagavadgita said, about the influence of behaviors of the leaders of the society on the behavior of masses. Chapter 3 , karma yOga, verse 21.
0321. Whatever elite and leaders in society do others will emulate. Whatever the elite take as standard, the world will copy. ——↠↠ yad yad Acharati SrEshThas tat tad dEvEtarO janah sa yat pramANam kurutE lOkas tad anuvartatE.

The path shown by our great leaders guide us. Here two questions arise:

Whether SrEShThas will be entitled to privacy

One probable reply for this can be: As long as SrEShThas do not preach, maintain a low key and confine themselves to their private lives, probably they will be entitled to their privacy rights. For example, Mr. Francoise Hollande didn't preach much (as per the appearances on the internet), except one aberration of trying to project himself as a family man. Occasion was when he allowed, publication of his family photographs with his first relation Ms. Royal & his four children through her. He might have wanted to demonstrate that as a socialist, not believing formal marital relations and without having undergone a formal wedding ceremony, he could lead a normal family life.

Should SrEShThas be denied their quota of fun?

In Commercial Law, we have a principle. Goods delivered should conform to the sample shown at the time of booking the order. We can add two more prinicples. 1. Core contents of a packet should conform to its external packaging. 2. Label and the intrinsic material of the object should not conflict. For example, Swami Vivekananda championed and canvassed need for celibacy. Here the label is a monk. Packing material is saffron dress. Samples shown are yogic postures and meditations. What should, then be the intrinsic material?

The number of letters and the frequency of the letters written by Swami Vivekananda to Ms. Christina Greenstidel, a German girl, outnumber letters written by Vivekananda to other foreign women like Mrs. Ole Bull (his principal patron in USA. Vivekananda called her Mother). Some fans of Swami Vivekananda believed that he had adopted Ms. Greenstidel, and hence she was his daughter. But none of the letters written by Vivekananda expressed this paternal love. On the other hand he exchanged a document (presumably with legal implications) with Ms. Greenstidel, He sent the document to her for her countersignature. The document which Vivekananda sent to Ms. Christina Greenstidel vide his letter dated 22nd March 1896 from Boston. While sending the document, Vivekananda asked her to sign as "Miss" since he erroneously wrote Miss. This document may be in the custody of auction houses which may be awaiting an opportune time to offer on the platform. The letter dated 22nd March 1896 available on the net has portions excised (censored). It is not clear why the contents of this letter were removed? Why were the contents hidden from the world? Why did Vivekananda pray Ms. Christina to send her photos so that he could know how much did she build? Why were the nerves of Vivekananda got overtaxed? Why did Vivekananda become outrageous? Why was the portion of 'ecstasy' in the following quote was censored?
I have also my theme, but I am not despondent. I am sure very soon to pan it out into a beautiful ecstasy [excision]. I am half crazy by nature; then my overtaxed nerves make me outrageous now and then. As a result I don't find anybody who would patiently bear with me!
Why did Vivekananda pray Ms. Christina to come, so that they could have a 'hot time in this old town'? What was this hot time? Why did Vivekananda waste his prayers for the arrival of a girl?
"... They all are expected here in November, and will have a "hot time in this old town" etc. I pray you can come, and the Mother will open the door for it. I cannot but say my prayers mostly have been heard, up to date."

Vivekananda seems to have thought of gifting some gold or precious stones to Ms. Christina Greenstidel.
"... What do you think will be very good for me on earth? Silver? Gold? Pooh! I have got something infinitely better; but a little gold will not be amiss to keep my jewel in proper surroundings, and it is coming, don't you think so? I am a man who frets much, but waits all the same; and the apple comes to my mouth by itself. So, it is coming, coming, coming. ... Now, how are you? Growing ever thinner, thinner, thinner, eh? Do have a very good appetite and good sleep in anticipation of the coming good time — to be in trim for welcoming its advent. ... "

Important Note: I believe that Ms. Christina Greenstidel was an innocent girl. After the demise of Vivekananda, she worked as a teacher in India for a few years, before going back to U.S.

Why do SrEshThas lose their balance of mind when they see women?

We have a proverb in my mother tongue in Telugu. 'andariki Sakunam ceppina balli kuditi toTTilo paDindi.' Its approximate gist in English: The lizard which predicted omens for all, fell in a water-trough for cattle-feeding. (When a lizard falls on different parts of human bodies, Indians believe that it brings them some luck/ill luck. For example when a lizard falls on the head of a person, he may have to face 'kalaham' or quarrels with somebody. The SrEshThAs cannot have the traits of lizards.

bhartrihari (or bhartruhari) in his subhAshita triSati

brahmAmDa mamDalI mAtram kim lobhAya manasvinaha;
SapharI sphuritE nAbdhEh (nAbdhihi) kshubdhO na khalu jAyatE.92.

If a female fish dances and leaps in an Ocean, the Ocean does not get tumultous. The mind of an ascetic in Union does not quiver even if the Universe were accrue to him.

18. ajAnan dAhAtmyA patatu Salabhas tIvra-dahanE
sa mInO api agnAnAd baDiSa-yutam aSnAtu piSitam |
vijAnantO api EtE vayam iha viyaj (vipaj) jAla-jaTilAn
na mumcAmaha kAmAn ahaha gahanO mOha-mahimA 18

Moths fall in fire, being unaware of the combustive nature of the fire. Fish attracted by the bait of food, fall in the net. On the other hand, we know pretty well that pleasures are accompanied by hardships and pains. Yet we are unable to abstain from them. It is difficult to gauge the depth and intensity of the temptation.
Why should minds of Presidents of countries, Union Ministers, Supreme Court Judges, top journalists of the country, become tumultous, when a woman laughs?

Great are the ways of ananga! (ananga = God of love i.e. manmadha). Manmadha became ananga (body-less), ( lost his body), when he was reduced into ashes by Lord Shiva, when Cupid directed his arrows of flowers to break the penance of Lord Shiva so that he could wed Goddess Parvati and produce an offspring capable of killing the demon tripurAsura.

Then, what solutions?

If SrEshThas can control their minds by proper analytical thinking about what is right or wrong, what is eternal and what is ephemeral, it will be the best thing.

Masturbation may be better

Else: for SrEshThas masturbation can be better than begging young women for sexual favors. Masturbation can be better than luring with money/jobs/positions/luxuries, or coercing women with physial/mental threats. The SreshThas can have a look at what bhartrihari said, why young damsels are not tempted persons.

Aged persons are like a rotten well, in surrounded by a slaughterhouse

varNam sitam Sirasi vIkshya SiroruhAn`Am;
sthAnA jarA paribhavasya tadA (jhaditi) pumAmsam (yadEva pumsAm);
AropitAsthi Satakam (Sakalam) parihritya yAnti;
camDAla kuupam iva duurataram tarn`yaha.74

The poet describes the behaviour of young women when they see a old man. When they see his white hair, his flesh maligned by old age, consider him, as useless and move away from him, just as people keep distance from a well, surrounded by bones near a slaughterhouse.

Will this preferability of masturbation, to begging/gifting/coercing women for sex, applies to wives also?

We can probably apply the principle. Occasional begging seems part of normal love life. Gifting gold, sarees etc. tantamounts to bribing. Yet, it takes place in many-a-human life. Coercing wife for sex, according to law in many countries, amounts to rape. Besides, sounds animalistic. Philosophers compare dweller of a human body to an equestrian, body itself being his horse. A skillful equestrian revels in keeping his horse well worked out, nourished and at the same time regulated and reigned. Occasionally, even the best of a horse can revolt and senses may disobey the dweller. Then, a dweller may have to satisfy his body and senses by masturbating. This may, sometimes, debase a person in his own eyes. Yet, it does not make him a slave of women. It does not make him a rapist.
(incomplete. to be continued. My motive for writing this blog post is to express my sadness. I hope I have not preached by quoting examples from bhartruhari.)

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