Friday, June 12, 2015

277 Replies to Shri Semanti and Rajan श्री सॆमांटी और राजनजी को जवाब శ్రీ సెమాంటి, రాజన్ గారికి జవాబులు

Mr. Semanti said...

Swamiji need not influence Himself because He Himself is the Divine Nectar & Energy for all. Dear blog writer, I pray to Swamiji to forgive & Bless you always!

Reply to Shri Semanti:

Swamiji cannot forgive me or bless me now. He does not exist. Only his memories remain. Mr. Narendra Modi is using some of them, to derive political benefits by displaying Vivekananda's image. Divine Nectar & Energy are all imaginary. If Swamiji really enjoyed the divine nectar, there would not have been any need for him to crave for American Turtles, shad fish, chicken. He would not have encouraged sacrificing a goat for Durga Puja, Was there any divine nectar in goat's meat?

The main weakness of Indians (a la the Europeans and North Americans) is they do not make efforts to identify true merit. They go by packing of goods, instead of the quantity and quality of the underlying goods.

Solid proof for this:

I have earlier given. When Vivekananda was on his first tour of USA in connection with the Chicago Congress of Religions, Veerchand Gandhi also participated in it. At that time, India was passing through a famine. Veerchand Gandhi mobilised two shiploads wheat in USA and returned to India for serving the drought-stricken. Vivekananda stayed there for four years, entering into a "promotion" contract with an American Speech Promotion, Company, got cheated by them, cursed them.

I have not seen Narendra Modi, or Indians (or at least Jains and Gujaratis) remembering the services of Veerchand Gandhi with warmth. Why Veerchand Gandhi was forgotten? Why Vivekananda's name is hammered everywhere?

Will, our admirers of Vivekananda answer this riddle?

Mr. rajan said...
In Indian philosophical (sanathana dharma) syatem knowledge is imparted by a guru. The guru must be a perfect human being who have conquered all desires and weaknesses of human flesh. Ramakrishna and Vivekananda were ordinary humans with all base desires. Their teachings are of no value because they indulged in things which are proscribed in default definitions of Hindu religious tenets.

The two people were glorified by their disciples and made to appear that they were saints. But actually they were just ordinary men and as such their teachings are of no value. I thing Indians should forget characters like Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Saibaba, Nithyananda et al.

REPLY TO SHRI RAJAN श्री राजन को जवाब శ్రీ రాజన్ గారికి జవాబు

To Shri Rajan: Most Important: Hinduism is not a religion at all. Sanatana dharma, claimed by Sanskrit Pandits is only one branch of Hinduism. Hinduism is Indian culture. There is lot of confusion in BJP, RSS, VHP and others about Hindutva. Both the terms Hindutva and Hinduism refer to geographical name of the people residing to the East of Indus River. For this reason only, Hindus never indulged in converting others. Conversion by inducements, use of physical force, false propaganda, abuse of Gods/Goddesses whom people worship in India, has become a lucrative business for the foreign missionaries and , Indian missionaries receiving funds from abroad. Under 1000 years of Muslim and Christin rule, both of which fished in the troubled waters of India, made Indians feel insecure, that something was happening to their lives. This gave opportunity to God persons like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekananda, Paramahamsa Yogandanda, (this list is unlimited) to imitate the alien missionaries and take up propagation work.

Now, we have the latest fad yoga, with the UNO declaring June 21 as International Yoga Day. This may be a stunt by powers controlling UNO, to curry favor with Modi. The European and American Powers have a knack. Whenever Indian Heads of State/Govt. visit their countries, they will arrange for unveiling of some statues of Indians like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru etc. Why? This is because India has 350 billion bucks which it mobilised by begging for foreign investments offering allocation of valuable public lands in India, and the Indian markets on a golden plater.

India is too eager to buy weapons, oil, aircrafts, ships, submarines, radars, drones (hurry is for valid reasons), which the Europe, America, Israel sell, competing with one another, offering kickbacks. Opening a Vivekananda chair, installing a Gandhi statue, declaring a Yoga day, they are all baits attached to the strong nets. Indians have to be very very wary of manoeuvers of the MNCs and their Govts.

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