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276 Replies to Comments of Shri ANONYMOUS at our blog post No. 239

I invite more and more specific questions, which I shall try to answer with proof. Indians have every right to love their religions and cultures. At the same time, it may be not be reasonable to deify people by giving them credit disproportionate to their work. There is also NO NEED to spread Hinduism abroad and convert people living there (Some people take pride in the actions of Vivekananda doing it). We never needed / need / will need no ambassadors abroad for spreading Indian Culture and Indian Life Styles in foreign lands. The lifestyles of migrants from India, serve as examples for foreigners to know what India means. Hence our NRIs and PIOs are to be more cautious when they imitate foreigners blindly. Progressive changes are always welcome. It is more important for democratically elected Indian Government to defend Indian Culture from foreign religious attacks with foreign funds, and Capitalist Life Styles.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrong information.please stop it.


All the quotes furnished in all the posts at this Vivekanandayb blog, are from his Complete Works i.e. Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, published by his devotees and his monasteries. None of them are those which are taken from publication of Christian Missionaries. His devotees and monasteries have not published LETTERS RECEIVED BY SWAMI VIVEKANANDA (INWARD MAIL OR INBOX), there will be greater clarity. Some of the in-mail of Swami Vivekananda may be lying in the records / offices of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda monasteries. Let us hope that those letters will also be published.

My request to Shri Anonymous: There is nothing wrong in loving one's own country and religion. I also agree that Christian Missionaries receiving funds in India from abroad are recklessly converting Indians by false propaganda and inducements. But, for all the harm which is being done to the integrity of India by Missionaries, making Vivekananda a God , is not a solution. Govt. of India has to make suitable laws and enforce them in India. We may keep in mind that HInduism is not a religion. It is a composite culture of a geographical entity of India, which evolved over Centuries. It needs protection from CONVERTERS AND PROSEYLITIZERS receiving funds from abroad, particularly Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and other Gulf countries, Pakistan. Already much harm has been done. Govt. of India has to wake up.

Indian Christianity and Indian Islam may have to free themselves from foreign bondages. If Hindu culture is totally bad, if it is irretrievable, incorrigible, ir-reformable, and if somebody in India finds that it is not longer possible to continue within - enduring it, the next alternative will be IRRELIGIOSITY or ATHEISM. Not alien brands of Christianity, Islam or alien-style Buddhism. There is no need to associate IRRELIGIOSITY or ATHEISM with immorality or lack of ethics. A person, though irreligious or atheist, can continue to hold and practise morally high values and ethics. Religion and Ethics are not linked to one another.

What is the use of garlanding Vivekananda statues, and making speeches every day?

I have given information only when the quotes are authentic. I have left out, some other important areas such as Viveekananda's alleged misbehavior with the wife of Governor of Michigan in Detroit City, because Vivekananda blamed the incident as malicious propaganda by Ramabai (an Indian Christian Missionary who also worked in USA), and Late Prafulla Chandra Mozundar of Brahmo Samaj (in Chicago, he too helped Swami Vivekananda to participate in the Congress of Religions 1893). Both Vivekananda and Mazundar used their publications (journals) to criticise one another.

Vivekananda deserves due credit and praise, notwithstanding his alleged misdemeanours abroad. But, when compared to the service done by the freedom fighters who were incarcerated in Andaman Cellular Prison, the services rendered by Vivekananda will pale into insignificance. Compared to the sacrifices made by Andaman Freedom fighters, even Mahatma Gandhi's work, Nehru dynasty's work, pale into insignificance. But the Andaman Prisoners do not have monasteries to sing their praises, and worship them, while Vivekananda had left behind monasteries to do canvassing work. They do not have Gandhi Memorial Trusts behind them. They do not have Nehru dynasty successors extending upto Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka.

All our ideas seem to get skewed year by year. This is because, we seem to develop LOVE and HATE relationships too quickly, without going into depth of facts.


Pl. study the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda thoroughly. Pl. also study all the 275 blog posts here. Pl. ask specific questions. I shall go through the Complete Works and against approach you with replies.

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